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LIGA - BESTSELLER - Set/4 Beach Clean Placemats | Oval

LIGA - BESTSELLER - Set/4 Beach Clean Placemats | Oval

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Our Beach Clean material is a clever mix of cork with recycled EVA plastics. Once unloved and part of the problem these recycled plastics are now wanted and creating a solution. Flexible and soft to touch. Every batch is unique and a blend of different colors.  They are a set of 4. Sustainable Materials Recycled EVA plastics (Like flip-flops) Cork harvested naturally without harming the tree. It continues to absorb C02 as a LIGA product.

Care Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Due to the recycled EVA plastics in this product, our beach clean placemats are not heatproof and therefore not suitable for hot plates/bowls All of our beach products come in completely unique and different color ways, we can't guarantee that placemats and coasters will match in color. Good for indoor and outdoor dining.

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