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NAT + NOOR - Ray Hoops in Checkered

NAT + NOOR - Ray Hoops in Checkered

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This pair of hoops from NAT + NOOR are crafted from a lightweight, hypoallergenic material - Cellulose Acetate. This makes them comfortable to wear, as well as strong and durable. With their classic checkered pattern, these hoops are the perfect accessory for any ensemble.

PATTERN. Checkered

MATERIALS. Cellulose Acetate

1.2'' Diameter

Hypoallergenic Post - Stainless Steel

Cellulose Acetate Material ~ Much stronger and more durable than an acrylic material. Cellulose acetate is less brittle and wont break as easily. A renewable resource ~ essentially made from a wood pulp. It is the same material used for high-end eyewear frames.

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