About Us

Purveyor is a modern-day general store offering mindful goods made by artisans from around the globe. From home goods to apothecary, pet, specialty foods, stationery, barware, clothing, gifts, and much more, Purveyor is your one-stop shop for well...most everything.

Our Values


Modern living should be anything but boring. We believe in capturing global inspiration from independent makers and allowing their influence to bring us purposeful goods for living. 


Purveyor intentionally promotes the things we value most. We believe in caring brands that are optimal for living, but made to be lasting. Brands that are beautiful yet sustainable. Brands that serve in both form and function.


At the heart of Purveyor is a desire to foster mindful gift giving. In order to achieve this we curate a selection of brands that are made by responsible makers. These artisans create products that adhere to one or more of the following qualities: handmade, small-batch, fair trade, environmentally conscious and support a cause. We stock these brands because they are collectively working to support the common good and improve well-being.

Mindful gift giving can also be presented through actions. Purveyor prides itself on doing the most good for our community and the environment. We do this by hosting non-profit support days in which a portion of our sales goes to helping a cause dear to us. We use recycled and recyclable materials for packaging goods. And, internally, we recycle and promote low-waste practices that encourage our employees to recycle or repurpose wherever possible.